The Pro Wrestling Olympics – Shot Put

The Olympics move on now to the Shot Put – the home of the strong armed, flexibile wristed, muscular defined strong men of the Olympics.  Each wrestler will get three throws of the, er, Put and the furthest thrown of those three will be their score – furthest thrown wins.  Now, onto the athletes!

Representing Representing USTNA : James Storm

James Storm is certainly no stranger to throwing things a long distance, normally its X-Division wrestlers or beer bottles, so in the Shot Put he should be fine.  A former basketball player, he’s used to being able to use balls in different ways and working with crowds in different sporting environments, making his way into the Pro Wrestling Olympics Stadium, he will feel like he’s back at home.  Unfortunately however, the stadium is a dry-stadium, which means he’s allowed no beer with him.

Representing Raw Land : John Cena

John Cena, the Raw Land poster boy is a monster when it comes to handling different shaped balls and he has an extremely strong wrist.  Cena has undergone an intensive training regime for these Olympics and after finding out he would be competing in the Shot Put, he went on an extensive wrist training exercise program, named after his finishing move “The Five Knuckle Shuffle”.  With all this training and a seemingly strong left arm, who knows what Cena will be able to achieve!

Representing Papua New SmackDown! : Sheamus

The Great White is coming into the games with an extensive history of throwing out drunks from the nightclubs on the mean streets of Ireland – which ever road he went down was a mean road full of knuckle fights and stabbings, but he made it through to the Games.  With that track record behind him, Sheamus is looking to stamp his authority on this event and make sure he gets the gold – he already has the luck of the Irish behind him!

Representing The Federate Republic of ROH : Homicide

Homicide was unreachable for comment on this match.  We think that its due to his pre-event preparation which has seen him return to Brooklyn, New York for some unorthodox training – we’re looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us when he steps up to the plate!

Shot Put

James Storm

Throw 1 : An amazing first throw of 18.44m makes James Storm a happy man.  He turns to try and find a beer bottle, but he doesn’t find one.

Throw 2 : WE HAVE A FAN ON THE PITCH!! As James Storm makes his 2nd throw, none other than HORNSWOGGLE grabs onto the ball, but some how James throws the ball and Swoggle 4.44m – not bad for a ball and a midget!

Throw 3 : A final throw of 15.55m as Storm takes his throw quickly so he can make his way to the off site bar means that his first throw of 18.44m was the best of his event.

John Cena

Throw 1 : Cena throws his first attempt to 16.54m, which he’s happy with.  After the throw he goes and tells his Put that he can’t see him.  Obviously not as it doesn’t have eyes John!

Throw 2 : A poor throw of 12.44m see’s Cena snap widely.  Just as you think he’s going to turn evil, he comes around and is normal happy self.  He quickly sits down and grabs a towel and puts it on his lap for a quick training exercise, which he seems to enjoy, readying for himself for his next throw

Throw 3 : A NEW PRO WRESTLING OLYMPICS RECORD – 25.44m!!! Cena has pulled it out of his, well, trousers and has hit a new record!! He seems quite happy to say the least in throwing it that far! Has the Champ arrived?


Throw 1 : 19.55m is Sheamus’s first throw, if not for Cena’s super throw it would have been the furthest distance of the day.  The Celtic Warrior looks disheartened.

Throw 2 : His second throw goes for 16.55m, and he kicks the ball in frustration and brakes his toe.  The anger is starting to appear in his eyes

Throw 3 : His final throw goes for 8.44m – not bad considering it wasn’t a throw but actually a Brogue kick – we have a new tournament record for a kicked shot put ladies and gents!


Throw 1 : 4.55m for Homicide’s first throw – he looks out of sorts today, and hungry too.

Throw 2 : 5.54m for his second throw – he motions to the crowd that he needs food from one his own people, and someone is making their way to the front of the crowd

Throw 3 : Homicide’s third throw goes for an incredible 18.45m, more than his first two throws combined, thus moving him into the Bronze medal place!! The assist came from Brooklyn legend Adam Richman, who gave Homicide a wing from the Suicide 6 Wing Challenge – an amazing finish!

Final Scores

John Cena – 25.44m

Sheamus – 19.55m

Homicide – 18.45m

James Storm – 18.44m

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